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家譽在2008年於香港成立,具有豐富經驗及優良信譽的移民 移民公司、留學顧問公司。

主要提供移民服務包括︰投資移民、移民顧問 ,投術移民、移民公司 .創業移民、另外海外房地產投資和留學等服務。

Our team combines local lawyers, accountants, tax lawyers, business consultants, legal notaries and dozens of professional professional personalities to provide immigration, study abroad, legal and business consulting services. Our network includes lawyers, chartered accountants, tax lawyers and business buying and selling consultants around the world.

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Established in Hong Kong in 2008, Jiayu is a consulting firm with rich experience and excellent reputation for providing immigration, study abroad and overseas property investment services. Our team combines lawyers, accountants, legal notarization and dozens of professional services staff, is committed to providing customers with professional services, detailed and objective analysis, attentively and carefully tailor-made for you.



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