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UK Property Investment Record of 01-07/11

This week's rental record is for a property in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The property was officially completed in August, with an excellent and practical location. It shouldn't be too late to visit this beautiful property right away.

UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Outlook JiaYu1
(Schematic, non-actual property exterior picture)

Ms Xie bought this flat located in South Lanarkshire, ScotlandBlantyrethe town, which consists of several small villages and borders the River Clyde on the northern border, is a quiet and popular residential area. Located next to the business district, the residence is a well-equipped community with shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants, schools and leisure facilities.

The nearest train station is a walk from the flat calledBlantyreIt is only 9 minutes away and can be reached by train to cities between the UK, or by car on the A725 motorway, which connects to the nearby cities of East Kilbride and Glasgow City.

UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Calderside School JiaYu2
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 11

This property is a two-bedroom residence and is in the freehold category. The property is on the market for a price of £55,000, with a sale price of £45,000 and is 22 per cent below the market price at the time of purchase.

Property Location

  • 24 minutes to Glasgow city centre
  • 9 minutes to Blantyre train station
  • Close to shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants, etc
  • Leisure facilities are in place and school choices are plentiful

Major facilities nearby

  • Shopping centre
  • Supermarket
  • Restaurants
  • School
  • Other leisure facilities

Features of the property

  • The living room is spacious and bright, and the space is practical
  • Two bedrooms
  • Kitchen, spacious open room
  • 浴室,設有企缸
  • Storage room
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Central heating
Return calculation
Rental return income rate10.7 – 12.7%12.7%
Investment Report (ROI)7.1 – 8.0%8.5%
Each monthRental Income£400 – 450£475
Every YearCash flow£4,800 – 5,400£5,700
Management Fees£720 – 810£855
After deducting expensesEvery YearCash flow£4,080 – 4,590£4,845
Buy and rent
Property prices£45,000£45,000
Renovation fee£2,800£4,800
Service charge*£4,800£4,800
Attorney's fees (including VAT)£880£880
Stamp duty£1,800£1,800
*The service charge will be adjusted per case by case

The renovation was more expensive than the previously described property because the renovation contractor assessed the leak in the bathroom and advised Miss Xie to install the walk-in shower, which is popular with the British people, so it cost more to upgrade the bathroom equipment. Although it was more expensive than the original budget of £2,800, the move allowed the unit to be rented out quickly and the tenant was very satisfied with flat's overall state.

UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Timeline JiaYu4
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 12

Here are some pictures of the property before and after rennovation.

Before renovation

UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Bathroom Before 1 JiaYu
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 13


UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Living room JiaYu
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 14
UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Room1 JiaYu
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 15
UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Room2 JiaYu
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 16
UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Bathroom After1 JiaYu
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 17
UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Bathroom After2 JiaYu
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 18
UK Glasgow Property Record201111 Corridor JiaYu
01-07/11 本週出租紀錄 19

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