JiaYu's Retired Immigration

Hong Kong's high living index, high prices and political uncertainty have all contributed to the desire of Hong Kong people to move overseas after retirement and to live in another place where prices are low, security is good and easy to integrate into the local community. In recent years, many Hong Kong people have chosen to immigrate to Asian countries, which is similar to Hong Kong's language, culture and climate, and is relatively easy to adapt to and integrated into the diverse life of the region. The standards and requirements for retired immigrants vary from country to country, with Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand being more popular, and the following below describes the requirements of each country.

Malaysia's Second Home Program

Malaysia enacted a second home plan, MM2H, in 2002, which allows foreigners to stay in Malaysia for a period of ten years and renew their status of nationality.


- Age requirement: The main applicant is 21 years of age or older

- Asset requirements: 35 (21-49 years old) / 500,000 ringgit (50 years of age or above), monthly overseas income of 10,000 ringgit or more; From the second year, 15 (21-49 years of age) / 100,000 ringgit (50 years of age or older) must be kept in the account until the end of the scheme.

Thailand Retirement Visa

A Thailand retirement visa is a special long-term visa issued for people over the age of 50 who can settle, retire and start a business in Thailand. Application only requires the applicant to demonstrate that he or she has a certain financial strength, does not require investment or donations, obtains a one-year retirement visa quickly at zero cost, and can be renewed indefinitely.


- Age requirement: The main applicant is 50 years of age or older

-Asset requirements: At least 800,000 baht deposits in Thai bank accounts and 65,000 baht per month pension income

Taiwan Investment Immigration