JiaYu's IAS | Immigration-Analysis-System

We have pioneered the IAS Immigration Analysis System (IAS: Immigration Analysis System) in Hong Kong.
According to the four broad categories, including country, lifestyle, education and finance.
To enable our customers with accurate, clear understanding, to not only to enable customers to save time, but also to choose with ease.

Country Analysis
Each country and city has different conditions for applicants to migrate to, and the system will first screen how many countries the applicant meets.
Some applicants are not able to give up their existing jobs immediately, so there is a great deal of consideration for the length of residence of "immigration supervisors" in various countries, and the IAS can also provide preliminary screening for applicants.

Living Analysis
For whether the applicant's habits can be adapted to the local life, including food and clothing, consumption level, social lifestyle, job opportunities, income and entrepreneurial opportunities.
The results of a systematic analysis, will be able to assess whether the applicant can maintain their original standard of living locally.

Education Analysis
Many applicants base immigration, to enable the next generation to grow up in a better environment, so the quality of local education, school systems and tuition fees will become a great consideration for applicants.
The system will select the closest immigration location that sits closest to the applicant's requirements.

Financial Analysis
Local economic benefits, tax planning and investment opportunities will also be a reason for immigration, and the system will be able to provide financial analysis for applicants.

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