JiaYu's Pet Immigration

Hong Kong people love to keep pets, both to adjust to the heavy pressure of life, but also to have company, but also many Hong Kong people regard pets as part of the family. According to the Census and Statistics Department (2019), the proportion of households surveyed with cats and dogs was 9.4%, while the proportion of those who considered abandoning their pets whilst relocation was only about 5%, which shows that many Hong Kong people are still willing to take their pets with them. But what if a family chooses to immigrate and keep their pets? Pet immigrants come in handy at this point.
Countries have different requirements and procedures for pets entering the country or even migrating. For more information, please contact us.

Documentation required
Import license
Animal Health Certificate

Time Required
Prepare the required documents and make an appointment for a veterinary quarantine for a pet quarantine, starting approximately 14-30 days before departure to the country of departure.
Upon arrival, it takes approximately 7-10 days for quarantine.

1. A pet health certificate issued by or signed by a veterinarian at the AFCD Office (generally 10 days prior to departure, approximately 1 - 2 working days).
2. The test, blood drawing, deworming, etc, are required by an authorized veterinarian to confirm that the chip has been injected.
3. Measure your pet size before departure and select the right delivery box.
4. Air box training for pets to ensure that pets are not over-frightened during the consignment process.
5. Arrange or make an appointment for quarantine accommodation depending on the regulations of the destination country.
6. Some countries (e.g. the United Kingdom) require a pre-filled residence transfer form.
7. On arrival, quarantine is required for 7-14 days (depending on the destination).