JiaYu's Investment Immigration plan

JiaYu immigration specializes in providing technical immigration consulting services to clients in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. We have a team of professionals in the country's most popular skilled immigration countries, including professional accountants, lawyers, human resources consultants, etc. With many years of successful experience in handling immigration cases, we are committed to matching you to the most suitable skilled immigration programme, providing professional and reliable advice to help you achieve a high immigration intent score, meet visa requirements, become a permanent resident or citizen of the country of destination, and ultimately achieve your immigration goals.

JiaYu provides professional, attentional consulting and consulting services to carefully analyze the technology immigration programs and destinations that best suit you and whether you meet the requirements of the skilled migration programs in your target country. We will combine immigration knowledge and advantages, for you from all aspects to meet the immigration requirements, free of your worries, so that you can move quickly and successfully.

Many countries or regions have made contributions to local economic growth and society by attracting overseas professionals, relaxing the application conditions, and have different skilled immigration schemes suitable for all walks of life. If you would like to immigrate to the following countries and regions through skilled migration, please refer to the following methods.


Applicants who have made outstanding achievements or significant contributions in the field of research are required to provide proof of outstanding achievements in the relevant field and to be guaranteed by qualified personnel or organizational groups. This visa is a permanent residence visa.

Relying solely on personal education, work experience, professional skills, etc. to apply for immigration, without any state, relatives guarantee. This visa is a permanent residence visa.

Suitable for applicants for STSOL (short-term technical occupation list) or MLTSSL (medium- and long-term technical occupation list) for skilled immigrants, and meets individual qualifications, work experience, etc., and obtains a state nomination letter. This visa is a permanent residence visa.

Applicants for employment in STSOL, MLTSSL, ROL (Additional Careers List in Remote Areas) for skilled immigrants meet work experience, career assessment, etc., and are required to work, study and live in remote areas designated in Australia, as well as to obtain a state nomination letter. This visa is a five-year visa.

The two models of employer guarantee and collective bargaining agreement are included. Applicants are required to meet the requirements of personal qualifications, work experience, etc. on the RAL of skilled immigrants and to be nominated by an employer with a guaranteed qualification. This visa is a five-year visa.

Aimed at bringing in overseas talent to alleviate Australia's temporary skills shortage. Applicants must be employed in MLTSSL and RUL for skilled immigrants and meet the relevant work experience, job evaluation and other requirements, as well as be nominated by an employer who is eligible for a guarantee. This visa is a five-year visa. This visa is divided into a five-year residence visa and a permanent residence visa, depending on the actual needs of the employer.


A fast-track for immigrant applicants established by the Federal Government of Canada. Applicants must be employed in the National Occupational Classification of Canada, fall into the Management (Type O), Professional (Grade A), and Technical Work (Level B) categories, while meeting the requirements of education, work experience, etc., to enter the candidate pool and apply for permanent residence by score from highest to below through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Applicants must have one year's experience in any country and meet CRS 67 and English requirements, and will be invited after a preliminary assessment by the Federal Office for Migration.

For persons with special skills, limited to posts prescribed by the Government of Canada. Applicants are required to have 2 years of government-mandated work experience in the past 5 years and to meet CRS 67 requirements and English requirements, etc., and can apply for immigration directly through the EE channel.

Applicants must have one year's experience in any country, obtain a foreign labour LMIA and work visa, and meet CRS 67 requirements and English requirements, and can apply for immigration directly through the EE channel.

For immigration agreements between the Federal Government of Canada and provincial governments, each province develops different immigration standards and pathways according to economic development and talent needs. Applicants are required to meet the selection criteria for academic qualifications, English language standards, work experience, etc., and to meet certain scores in individual provinces.


Green card application for employer employment guarantee. Applicants are granted permanent full-time employment by an employer approved by the U.S. government to obtain permanent residence.

New Zealand

Applicants are required to meet the requirements for academic qualifications and work experience, and their occupation and skills must be on the job shortage list and meet the score requirements of the assessment mechanism.

In accordance with your conditions, needs and budget, a team of professional consultants tailored to your investment immigration program, integrated multi-professional cooperation, to provide you with sincere federal and professional services, to help you successfully immigrate to the ideal country.

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