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[ 住宅空置率低 ]

The vacancy rate for residential properties in the greater Glasgow area was 2.2%, indicating a shortage of homes in the area.

[ 帶動本地經濟發展 ]

Many enterprises choose to settle down, the economic strength is gradually strong

[ 未來城市規劃更完善 ]

Railway HS2, wind power generation facilities, recycling centres, etc. will be built.

[首次置業壓力低 ]

The income of local residents is sufficient to afford the first property, and there is a stamp duty relief.

[ 住宅單位供不應求 ]

The demand for housing is increasing with population growth and the existing supply is not being met

[ 樓市升幅持續 ]
平均樓價近5年一直上升,由£106,035 (2015) 升至£156,576 (2021年1月)

Project Benefits

[ 投資回報率高達8%以上 ]
Stable return on investment each year

[ 物業低於市價 ]
Our team is committed to providing properties below market value

[ 資金要求門檻低 ]

[ 迅速增加現金流 ]
Stable rental income means you can increase your passive income

[ 購買物業流程透明 ]
The process is open and transparent, assisted by a team of professionals and local lawyers

Our Services

1. 成立英國公司
2. 開立英國銀行戶口
3. 提供法律服務
4. 準備及整理所需文件
5. 與業主議價
6. 處理物業翻新、裝修及估價
7. 專業單位及租戶管理
8. 面見及評估潛在租客
9. 與租客接洽及管理單位